Primorska 17, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Game of Thrones Tour

Meet your guide in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, and set off on a stroll, seeing some of the filming locations used in Game of Thrones — it’s a unique experience.

The popular HBO TV series, adapted from George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, documents a war waged by several noble families for the Seven Kingdom’s Iron Throne in the mythical land of Westeros. While the series itself is filmed in various European locations, Dubrovnik is now the official setting for King’s Landing – the capital of the Seven Kingdoms realm.

Duration: cca. 2 hours

Entrance to Lovrijenac fortress is included

When the US production company behind the Game of Thrones series picked Dubrovnik as the settling for the capital city of Westeros, King’s Landing, they could not have chosen better. The Old Town is so stunningly striking that it seems to have leapt directly from the paged of George R.R. Martin’s addictive series of novels. It is no coincidence that Dubrovnik was also a capital city in its own right – of the now extinct Republic of Ragusa.

On this tour you will be taken through all the parts of the Old City where some of the most memorable scenes from the ongoing cultural fenomenon were filmed, including these locations:

The Pile Gate where King Joffrey was faced with citizen’s riot and pelted with dung.

The Lovrijenac fort where the unsuccessful attack on King’s Landing, known as the Battle of Blackwater, took place.

The seemingly endless fortified walls will be seen from Lovrijenac fortress where Tyrion Lannister and Varys took a stroll, with Tyrion uttering the immortal words: „Where is the god of tits an wine?“

All of the filming locations and commentary from your local guide will be accompanied by large A4 sized photos that show the screen-shot from the appropriate episode and what took place.

Of course, the people of Dubrovnik are also fiercely proud of their own fascinating history which your guide will also inform you about, alongside the Game of Thrones commentary.

Price: 250 kn per person