Primorska 17, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Walking tour

Tour description: During the sightseeing tour of Dubrovnik’s Old Town you will be able to see and discover all the highlights of this amazingly well preserved Mediterranean city.

We’ll take you along the streets of Dubrovnik and show you the backstreets and hidden places where the history of this wonderful city was forged.

Starting at Big Onofrio’s fountain, one of the city’s landmarks and a place where people for centuries found refreshment; our route will lead us along the picturesque residential side-streets to the old port. During the walk through vibrant residential streets, key elements of street planning and medieval house construction requirements will be explained.

Upon arrival to the main square, some of the masterpieces of Dubrovnik’s secular and religious architecture such as harmonious Sponza Palace, sublime Baroque church of St. Blasius and elegant Orlando column witch soars in the middle of the square, will be seen and their history explained.

As we stroll by the Rector’s Palace and the Cathedral our guides will treat you with legends and stories about the City’s unique goverment and its fascinanting diplomacy.

After a visit to Dubrovnik’s biggest and most probably the most interesting museum (Rector’s Palace itself) we’ll reach the Old Port,where your eyes will be captured by the sights of mighty fortresses of St.John and Revelin. You’ll learn about sea trade and shipbuilding activites that have been fundamental to City’s success during the centuries.

While in the Old Port our guides will throw light upon the remarkable Quarantine and it’s importance to merchant city such as Dubrovnik

Among other attractions, this tour will include a visit to one of Europe’s oldest pharmacies which is located in Franciscan monestry.

Addition to the historic walking tour : recent history (from 1991 to today):

Through our walk our guides will present to you how citizens of Dubrovnik managed to cope with sudden and brutal strike on their city (UNESCO World Heritage Site, not to be forgotten) during the years 1991 and 1992. This attack and 8-month long seige that followed terrified the local population and shocked the international community.

You’ll be able to hear about amazing recovery after the war was finally over and revival of tourism in this beautiful area of Croatian coast.

Duration: cca. 2 hours

Price: 200 kn per person